About the 3 Bears…

Without further ado… here are the three Bears that drank too much wine after eating great food and decided to record our crazy love of tasty things we put in our mouths.


Drew hails from Traverse City, MI and currently resides between Toledo, OH and Orlando, FL..  He is an avid traveler, seeker of adventure and lover of all things culinary. His travels have taken him across the country and around the world. When not on the road, he can usually be found foraging the regions of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for its food spots, breweries, wineries and festivals. Watch for his unique outlook on all things food and beverage.

Gary aka GARBEAR73

Gary hails from the Northwest region of Pennsylvania along Lake Erie and finds himself on the move frequenting Pittsburgh, PA as well as Ohio and New York.  An avid watcher of the Food Network, he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with and without recipes.  With a background in Restaurant Management, watch for Gary’s foodie adventure postings as well as his detailed outlook on all drinking and eating encounters.

William aka SHELBYCUB

William hails from outside of Indianapolis, Indiana and enjoys traveling across the country to attend both planned and impromptu events.  As a stand-up comedian, his take on all things food and drink help us remember that each of us can expand our lives through taking foodie adventures with friends and enjoying bacon.  Watch for William’s posts to help brighten your day while learning new things through his adventures.

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