Crepes De Luxe & City Roast Coffee – Cleveland, OH

Anytime I take a trip to Cleveland I find myself at the Westside Market (see earlier post). One of the draws, besides the array of wonderful fruits, veggies and other tasty treats, is the chance to stop and have a breakfast of crêpes and coffee; and my choice for both is Crêpes De Luxe and City Roast Coffee. (They are side-by-side in the market place)

Crepes De Luxe specializes in authentic Parisian style crepes. They are made right in front of you and the whole process, from start to finish, only takes a few minutes.

The batter is poured on a hot circular griddle and then evenly spread with a wooden trowel. Once the first side is done it is flipped over and your choice of Sweet or Savory toppings is added.

Some of the offered combinations are the:

Montréal – Smoked Brisket & Emmental Cheese
Florence – Spinach, Egg & Gruyere Cheese
Capri – Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil & E.V. Olive Oil

Classic – Banana, Nutella and Powdered Sugar
Citron Creme – Lemon Curd & Honey Mascarpone
Pears Caramel – Fresh Pears, Walnuts and Caramel

Or you can create your own combination from the list of nearly 30 available items on their menu

A dome is then put over the crêpe to steam/heat your toppings. Right about this time the aroma of your crêpe starts to drift over the counter giving your nose a preview of the tastiness to come.

Once the toppings are heated, the crêpe is then folded in half twice, wrapped in deli paper and placed in a cardboard cone for easy handling. I would suggest waiting a few minutes before digging in as it will be quite hot.  A good way to do this is by stepping right next door to City Roast Coffee.

City Roast Coffee offers a vast array of Estate, Custom Blend and Flavored Coffees as well as a large selection of tease; Black, red, white, Herbal, Scented, and fermented teas.

My favorite coffees (so far) are the City Blend and the Market Blend. Also the Cajun Blend when it is in season – it has a touch of Chicory in it… Mmmm…

Now to enjoy… Take your crêpe and whatever your beverage of choice upstairs to the upper landing. It is just a narrow walkway but allows you a place to sit and eat while looking out over the market.

In my humble opinion, this double stop is great way to kick off a day at the market.

Crepes de Luxe on Urbanspoon

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