Soup Nancys – Pittsburgh Public Market

During our weekend in Pittsburgh, we made a trip over to check out the Pittsburgh Public Market which was celebrate its One Year Anniversary that same weekend.  The PPM has various vendors mostly focusing on smaller businesses while having “the friendliness of an old-fashioned market, alive with conversation, good people, colors and smells.”

Soup Nancys One of the vendor booths we stopped at to have some fun conversation and tastings with was the Soup Nancys.  Here Drew, William and I met the lovely ladies behind the business, Linzee and Sara.  They got their business up and going earlier this year and have been enjoying the weekends only aspect of the PPM.  They start all of their creations with from-scratch stocks (also sold in quarts) and use quality ingredients to make delicious soups. This particular weekend they offered: Tom Kha Phak (vegan – Thai coconut & veggie soup), Fresh Pea with Mint (vegan – served chilled), Sammies for the holiday weekend (it was Labor Day Weekend afterall): Grilled Cheese (plain or fancy) and Italian Tuna Salad. Drew and William tried the chilled Fresh Pea with Mint while I believe Drew and I both tried the hot selection, the Tom Kha Phak.  (I wrote ‘believe’ because it has been a couple of days and some wine’s been consumed since then – lol).  Personally, I liked this vegan soup for its rich flavor base held with in a thinner soft mushroom brown hue.  I’m a sucker for coconut in food and Thai is a cuisine I’ve just begun to take my taste-buds on little travels with here and there.  This particular soup was not too spicy.  Today being a much cooler temperature where I am (try 63 degrees compared against 95 that day), I’m wishing I had picked up a quart to go.  Alas I was short sighted standing in the heat and humidity wishing for cooler temps to balance the lovely savoriness I was taking in.  By the way, if you stop by and pick up a business card, you can enjoy a nice customer appreciation program where you get a free bowl of soup for every five purchased! I’ll let Drew and William comment as they want about their experiences.  The only other item I want to make note of is that I was over the moon for their MASH (natural fruit essence) bottled beverages.   ACK!  They’re website isn’t up yet…!  Strange I think since I’m able to track the product back one to two years through a simple on-line search. Anyways, Boylan Bottling Company creates the refreshing beverage line.  I was really wanting to keep my hydration up and spotted the fun bottles on the counter while at Soup Nancys.  I’m a magnet for things lemon/lime/ginger – so two out out of three sounded great to me.  Drew got the Pink Grapefruit while William and I chose the Lemon Peel Ginger Root flavor.


Notably this product line doesn’t use HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) which is something I have been paying more and more attention to of late.  I honestly could have drank a gallon of this that afternoon.  It was like being a kid and finding that Mom had just put in the fridge a pitcher for Kool Aid/Wylers.  Talk about refreshing!  The bite from the ginger was balanced against the tartness of the lemon while held in balance with just right amount of sweetness.  So now I’m on the lookout for this product line in my travels at supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty shops and the like.  I recommend giving one a chance and see for yourself how a MASH is more than just a fun name.

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  1. Soup Nancys says:

    Thank you so much for the shout out! Flattery will get you everywhere with the Soup Nancys!

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