Dining at Dinette

Over Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of sharing one of my many Food Adventures with two of my best friends, William and Gary. On Gary’s suggestion we went to a place called “Dinette” for dinner on Friday. Not knowing a lot about it (But trusting Gary’s instincts) we headed out for our first Food Adventure together

Located on the upper level of a two story building Dinette, has a fresh and slightly upscale feel to it with out all the pretense that comes with being “upscale.” in other words it has a modern look and you would be comfortable Casual to Dressy.  (Tip: there is parking on the upper level in front of the restaurant Which we found out after the fact)

We were quickly greeted and seated, offered a carafe of water and some bread sticks and given a moment to peruse the menu.  Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu and remained  close by (Without hovering) in case we had any questions.

We decided that we would each get an appetizer, entrée and dessert and then share our choices with each other. This would allow us to sample more than one item from the menu and get a good feel for the place. This turned out to be a great idea as everything we had was delicious. It also added and element of fun to the dinner as I am sure the table next to us could almost hear us saying… “are we ready? and… Switch…”

Our orders were taken and our beverages brought out. I opted for a Local Craft Beer from the Full Pint Brewery. I asked for their “White Lightning” Wheat Beer. To my surprise (and utter enjoyment) they make their wheat beer just like the ones I fell in love with in Germany.  A light layer of yeast rested at the bottom of the bottle waiting for the final “swish and pour” into my glass. (This was one of my Highlights of the weekend).

Our appetizers (Watermelon Salad, Grilled Shishito Peppers and the Salami Plate)were out within a few minutes and we almost giggled with excitement as we checked out our first course. The presentation was beautiful, the ingredients colorful, and the smells delightful ; We had to take a minute to pause and soak it all in (ok… maybe we were just busy eying each others plates.) Either way it was time to dig in. Our table soon became a chorus of Mmmm’s as the flavors touched our tongues.  It was almost too hard to stop at the one third point to swap. But the desire to try the other dishes won out so stop and swap we did.

While we waited for our entrées to come out, we were already comparing notes about what we just had and whether or not we could create some of those dishes at home. The open kitchen layout allowed me to watch our pizzas being handmade and the intermittent smells of the meats, cheeses and other fresh toppings did their best to distract me from the conversation.

Within a few more minutes our pizzas arrived. (Pulled Pork, a Grilled Corn and Zucchini and a Prosciutto Pizza) Once again, the sights and smells were the initial discussion followed by the “Ohh…. Sigh… just wait till you try this.” The pizzas are about 12-13 inches round, fire baked for a crisp bottom and a slightly chewy top and topped with the freshest ingredients. None of the toppings overpowered the others. They were meant to complement and enhance each other. They were cut into 6 pieces which made the sharing part easy.  We made short work of the pizzas and set about deciding what to order for dessert. This decision was easy to make as there were three desserts on the menu and three of us. I do have to say that it was fun to tell the waitress “Just bring us one of each.”

The desserts covered pretty much anyone’s taste. The Baklava was sweet and flaky and melted in your mouth, the Pot de Crème was rich and creamy without  being overly decadent , and the Arborio rice pudding was light and smooth with the slightest hints of spice.

From start to finish this was a wonderful to begin our weekend. Great Food with Great Friends! on average the cost was about $35 a person which when you look at what had, (a beverage, an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert) is not bad at all

If you are ever in the “Burgh” make a plan to stop and enjoy an evening at Dinette. The atmosphere is both fun and relaxing, the staff knowledgeable and friendly, the portions are just the right size, the flavors are fresh and vibrant, and a continually changing menu allows for new experience at each visit. Your belly will be glad you stopped!


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