Let the NOM, NOM, NOM begin!

Crazy as it is to believe, we’ve started a foodie blog.  Lawd…. what haz we dun??

Tonight the three of us decided we were at a crossroads where we enjoy the times have together eating, drinking and boosting our own serotonin levels.  And… because we’re not at the point yet to start our own business (I’m sure more will be posted on that at a later time…lol), we decided to create our own running blog to track the food adventures we have together, and on our own.

It goes without saying that we want to give HUGE NOM THANKS to Dinette in Pittsburgh, PA for an amazing food adventure we had today.

Granted, we decided to actually go out and create this blog in the midst of drinking wine and getting ready to head out on the town.  Therefore…. more will be coming soon.  It might be at 4am after more drinks and merriment, but hey… we just might have another food adventure to post about, so stay tuned!

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