Three Foodie Bears Eating, Drinking and Blogging…

What happens when three friends get together, drink too much, laugh alot and get creative?

Oh My NOM!  We created a foodie blog….

Yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s about time.  That said, here we go with creating an on-line record of our food adventures.  And who are the 3 Bears you ask?  Well we’re three good friends that have discovered over the years that we enjoy getting together, eating good flavorful food, enjoying tasty drinks while creating memories of a lifetime.  Each of the three of us has had folks ask questions about the things we have posted to our respective on-line profile/social network spaces.  So this is our journey in blogging our solo and shared food adventures.

So navigating around our foodie blog is a little unique.  In the menu above we have set up some link to use for getting around our little on-line world we’re creating.  Here’s a quick breakdown on what we’ve got going on:

Main – this is the page where the newest stuff will appear

About the 3 Bears – a quick intro to who the heck would be so crazy as to create this thing

Drew’s Stuff – all posts from Drew; traveling, adventures, alcohol and more!

Gary’s Stuff – all posts from Gary; kitchen experiments, adventures, cocktails and more!

William’s Stuff – all posts from William; rants/raves, food humor you didn’t expect, adventures and more!

Foodie Stops – places we’ve visited

Here’s the Word – an ever evolving listing of foodie words and their definitions

Contact Us – A great way to send us info about a post, an idea, monetary contributions and more!

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